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Working at Coppice

Being involved in education is one of the most rewarding career choices. You get to see, first hand, how your work influences the lives of young people, and how the work you do with them shapes them into the people they will go on to be. That is why making Coppice a great place to work is covered under two of our four strategic aims. 

We know that our people - children and staff - are the heartbeat of Coppice Primary Partnership. To get the best for our children, we need to develop and look after our staff. This is the focus of our People First strategic aim.

We also know that with the right conditions and in the right environment, everyone can and should improve. This is the focus of our Continuous Improvement strategic aim.

To make this a reality, at Coppice we have a range of different things in place which support staff with their workload and wellbeing, as well as a fantastic offer of professional development so that we can help staff be the best version of themselves. 

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