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Quality Education

Quality Education is one of our core strategic aims at Coppice Primary Partnership. Every child – not just in the trust schools – has the right to a high quality education​. 

The quality of education that a child receives is vital for their future progress. Schools are in the privileged position to be able to directly impact on what a child learns and can help to prepare them for the next stage of their education and lives. For children, the curriculum is their invitation to the conversations of the world. Schools need to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding to join these conversations.

We know that Dylan William said that “A great intended curriculum badly taught is likely to be a much worse experience than a bad intended curriculum well taught.” What the message doesn’t convey is the power and potential when the two are combined effectively. A good, or even great, curriculum that is well taught with effective pedagogies, including assessment, cannot help but unleash the potential in our learners.

This still, however, does not tell the whole story. The subject curriculums that we teach children give them the tools that they need in those areas. But ‘the curriculum’ in our schools is so much more than just the subject curriculums we teach. It is impossible to separate the curriculum subject areas with the hidden/wider curriculum that develops the whole child in a rounded, holistic way. ‘The curriculum’ aims to develop individuals spiritually, morally, socially and culturally, as well as providing them with experiences and opportunities that enhance their cultural capital.

The CPP Promise of Quality Education

At Coppice, we provide ambitious, exciting and relevant curriculums which give children the skills and knowledge that they need to be successful. These curriculums are well taught with effective pedagogy as a result of a strong understanding of how we learn. All of our curriculums, and our educational offer, is supported and enriched by excellent personal development of, and for, the children, which develops them holistically.

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