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Curriculum Principles

At Coppice Primary Partnership, our Curriculum Principles help us to design, shape, refine and develop our curriculums. Although we do not have a 'Trust Curriculum', we have many areas where, through our work together, we have strong frameworks which can be used and adapted. However, we know that there are many fantastic curriculums that have been created and that are available which may be used. This is why we created our Curriculum Principles.

At Coppice, when we talk about curriculum, we mean:

  • The 'What' - the content we teach
  • The 'When' - when we teach the content
  • The 'Journey' - from EYFS to Year 6

The Cake Analogy

Analogies can help with understanding. Through unpicking the curriculum principles we believe in, the analogy of the making and baking of a cake supports this understanding.

  • All cakes need ingredients
  • Cakes are more successful when recipes are followed
  • Even when we use the same ingredients and follow the same recipe, we can end up with cakes that look and taste different
  • Sometimes, new cakes can come about from trying new things
  • The more we know about how cakes are made, the better we are at making cakes 

Our Curriculum Principles

You can see our 9 curriculum principles below. To read more detail about each one, please have a look at the document below.


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