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Continuous Improvement

The only way for a system to improve is to create a culture of continuous improvement. Everyone needs to improve, not because they are not good, but because they can be even better. Through this focus on continuous improvement, The Coppice Primary Partnership can ensure that our staff develop their practice throughout their careers and are provided with relevant opportunities to take on new challenges. It is important that this begins at the start of careers where the nurturing and training of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) supports them to develop knowledge and skills quickly and effectively.

Schools know and understand their own contexts and are able to identify areas which need further improvement. There is also a wealth of talent within schools which allows staff the opportunity to plan, lead and deliver professional development in and across the schools. Support is available to map professional development and improvement as well as working with leaders and staff in specific areas.

As the trust improves, so it will gain the capacity to grow and offer the same models of improvement both to colleagues in other schools and also for schools who may wish to join the trust.

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